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Venues performed:

- The Fig Tree Coffee, Art, and Music Lounge

- Old Ironsides Bar

- Taylor'd Mind Studios

- Dark Heart Brewing

- Shop Drycleaners

- The Bistro

- The Starry Plough

- Freight & Salvage

- Empresso Coffeehouse

- Shady Coffee and Tea

Sounds like Wardruna, Heilung, Faun, Forndom, Osi and the Jupiter.

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"Broken" album art

Official logo

Gremnîr is a queer Nordic folk artist and music educator based in the San Francisco East Bay Area. Using an eclectic blend of Kargyraa throat singing, primal bodhrán percussion, and neoclassical cello, he shares original fantasy ballads and musical rituals that send listeners on vivid, dream-like journeys. As a solo performer he hopes to connect with listeners in cozy settings like the bards and skalds of old Scandinavian culture, while helping the audience revisit their heritage and understand themselves on a deeper psychological level.


Gremnir presents his latest concept album, “Ma∂r Er Manns Gaman,” which translates in Old Norse to “Mankind’s joy is in mankind.” His third album thematically stays true to its title, as it features artists from around the globe to spread this universal message of fellowship through music and ancient text. Several of the songs use verses of text from “Hávamál,” or “Teachings of the High One (Odin),” which holds a wealth of wisdom and practical knowledge from the 9th century Viking Age. Using Nordic Folk soundscapes in this project, Gremnîr paints ancient-sounding visions of fellowship and solidarity in an increasingly divisive social climate.


Listeners can expect to hear this album on September 9th, 2023 on all streaming platforms. 


“Being a fan of epic medieval films, all I could think of through these notes, including the cinematic ambiance, was that of a scorched battlefield as those who remain scour through it for survivors… Gremnir is powerful, channeling his grief into strength, and echoing the final lines of the song, ‘Hel called back / He still lives in you”.

Brutal Resonance on Sinnsyk


"I sought something to fill the void that The Northman left, and I found it with Gremnîr’s “Broken” ... when the drums are being banged and his throat singing comes out does Gremnîr breathe life into everything around it – including myself." - Brutal Resonance


“Dynamic energy and captivating composition throughout [Broken]. Very introspective and an authentic musical depiction of Old Norse writings.” - Michael Schotter of Public Records Audio


“[Broken] is a beautifully cohesive tale, delving deeply into the more melancholy side of our existence. Every word and sound being thought out and carefully chosen to create this hypnotic, visceral, and overall treat for the ears… If only we had a crackling fire to sit beside while listening to these stories, mead in hand.” - E.J.


“Gremnîr’s use of unique textures and his firm grasp of creating tension is evident on every track of Broken. This doesn’t, however, overshadow or obscure the intelligence of the lyrical content... An overarching work of meditative art that rests on the back of some very well crafted tracks.”

- Isle of Stipe




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