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Galdr II - Meditation

Hariigasti: welcome, guest.

Together we stand on edge of self-discovery.

Together we delve to depths of uncertainty.

We walk the road of foundation shifting.

Close your eyes and there follow me.

Close your eyes and see what I see.

Cold wind stings with salt sea air,

Clouds above rage and roar, there

Jagged lights dance to drums nowhere

To be seen, but felt and heard in streams

Trickling at our feet to dark-fathomed dreams.

Chill creeps with fingers frozen

Up legs of lookers, dozens

Peering down pit's rushing fringe.

So wide it is, a world away.

So close it is, shall you stay?

Keep eye s closed or open now.

Keen they are, they serve you well,

Or claim them crowned post treading Hell.

Fear inside poisons the soul.

Fear inside strips bare the bold.

Fear it not, this spit is yours,

Fraught only with inner wars.

Fear it not, this pit is yours.

It is yours.


Will you stay, or step away?

You are not alone.

Choose now, we're on our way.

You are not alone.

We join hands now and step forth

Worn and ready to be transformed

Once where few tread, into icy thorns.

Down and deep we go,

Drifting beneath, risk below.

In waters warm, here sun holds sway.

Warping, flowing, gently away

To wonder's comfort, a dreamscape.

Light in ripples dancing on 

Low blues, shifting currents

Along steady waves, clear sight to all.

Lustrous knowns here, seen before

We plod into the storm, solace

Yet lost in this ocean calm.

Look down, this is not our port

But deeper still, only the start.

Slow and sure mild ease fades

As shadow closes and day

Sinks to sullen sky, held at bay.

Blue still the world is here

Burned by shade and inky tears.

Pulled we are, sunk to weeping

Pales of surging currents, seeping

Into periled ocean flesh.

Cling not to the fire in your chest:

Clutch no more, release, this test

Is cold. The flame you must reject.

Come and drink., and chill be kept.


Tongues of sea rise to greet us,

Tang leaves brown and green, grouped thus

In teams of tangled, reaching weeds.

Lightly prodding, no, tasting.

Licking a morsel, favoring

Long moments to savor a feast.

Ears ring with a low hum, a

Harmony born of feral drum

And Ignorance, locked and shunned.

Nearer we are now, the shadow base

Of a nest where something lay in wait

New, yet familiar.

It grows, the sound, a growl

To greet us. It ripples so foul,

Cast through water thick as tar.

A warning, a touch of the shoulder. 

What was it? A tail, somewhere over

Toward the inky dark. It moves, bolder

and warped, a nightmare older and

Wandering our thoughts of yore.

Whispers fickle and doubt before

Now wanting to be heard, ignored

and waned to forgotten lore.

But no more: it is here, and it is yours.

Breathe. We are nearly there.

Feet touch bottom, a sandy

Finale to the descent of sanity

And a faint grey glow about us.

Is it familiar, this faded place

Few times you have been?

What do you remember?

What do you see?

What do you fear?

What does it mean?

Dark shapes drift about, dancing

In the depths of echoed dreams.

Defamed beasts, drowned and scattered.

How they swarm and swim,

Surge violent and sing tunes

Insidious, rage in scorned eyes.

Now seen, they see you

Sunk with them, Sunken to their home,

Starved and forsworn.

Turn not away, train your mind

To take in what you betrayed.

Breathe. Your mirror this is, more so

Mighty than what was meager

And meek, before you met here.

Confess its credence, or cave

To cancer of denial.

Only one ends with ascendance.

Peeled back, their lips pare

Exposed sharpened teeth, power

Pouring from monster's roar.

Teeth you have too, so tear them

From tame chamber and return

A tiger's toothy grin.

Voice you have as well, not 

Vague but vibrant with volition.

Give them a return in votive,

And send such a sound that

Inspires dread in the worst of savages:

A scream to quell the crowd.

So now scream and roar!

You were merely purring before:

Again, now fiercer!

Good, the challenge is met. Breathe.

A despot draws near,

The delegate from darkness

Drawn to violent display.

Reaching with hand rendered

Freely, now recognized and reflected.

Return the favor, or refuse?

Your shadow this is, sundered

And seeking solace in synthesis.

Inner harmony comes hither.

Two halves of one whole

Once harrowed beyond healing,

Now tempted to tether.

Return the favor, or refuse?

Choose. You are not alone.

Rebound or broken still,

Radiant rays above reach

Down to call us home.

From ocean floor our feet

Bid farewell, and float us back

To company of the Sun.

Returned you are, after taking

Time to talk with your lost traces.

More whole you are, I hope.

If so, if not, sojourn back

And sow more seeds to that garden.

These are the starting steps to


The Invocation is accepted.

The Meditation is completed, and

Integration now commences.

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