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Of Demons and Goddesses

In inky pit, a demon bathed

In secrets dark and shrouded.

In inky pit, a demon bathed

In power seized and clouded.

A voice he heard, a glow above,

A darkness long and deep.

A voice he heard, a glow above,

A rain of sound to seep.

To full and more it quavered him,

To foundation's icy core.

To full and more it quavered him,

To fear held not before.

Listening, listening,

Beauty's calm washed over.

Glistening, glistening,

He rose, standing bolder.

"Song divine, song divine,

"Spellbound by you I am.

"Song divine, song divine,

"Find your wellspring I can."

Every wold he traveled,

Scouring far and wide.

A mystery yet unraveled

'Til a star ocean he finds.

There she stood, a Goddess shone

With moonlight in her hair.

Eyes of silk and voice of dawn,

Mercy's sway in her hands.

Glory, such glory

In beauty seen and heard.

From darkness between the stars

The beaming demon called to her.

"Away with you!" the stars told him,

He had no business there.

She would not heed him on a whim

Never, never where.

But she saw him frightened still,

Form prone to the light.

He had come far, a test of will

With bravery in his eyes.

To him she went and asked,

"What is your name, shy stranger?"

With bowed head 'neath hooded mask

The demon's name he gave her.

"I have known of you, demon,

"And your inky well.

"Your kindness is always welcome

With me, beyond Hel."

With a kiss on his cheek,

Bashfully he looked away.

Gently he softly spake,

"I am yours now and always."

In years that soon came,

A new friendship took root.

Their music and stories gave

Shared admiration, too.

One woeful night, the Goddess sought

Her dark friend, thoughts distraught.

"Help me, my little demon. I doubt my 

"Lover has been faithful and seeks

"Others when we're apart. With your

"Knowledge can you bring me solace?"

"I know not," his voice solemn. 

"Grant me four days and I will answer."

One day passed slowly.

The second without news.

On the third a warning came

From the stars and the moons:

"Heed not the demon's counsel.

"Its fate bodes ill to all.

"Heed not the demon's counsel,

"He would triumph at your fall."

Her dark friend she trusted,

She knew his aim was pure.

He had shown her only kindness,

So their guidance she ignored.

On the fourth day after longing

For her lover's warm embrace,

To him she went, passion dawning,

Doubt drowned, love in its place.

At day's end two dozen eyes

Set on them from around.

A dozen girls of lovely sight

Like beasts crouched to the ground.

"Who is this?" they asked the man.

Of the Goddess they pried.

His eyes said all, and all he panned

With his mouth a flood of lies.

As he spoke their anger grew.

Danger was drawing near.

Their teeth grew sharp and talons, too,

And beauty donned a grim veneer.

Cast aside without harm,

The Goddess fought and failed.

Their power sent a Fury's storm

And her lover they assailed!

A red painting on canvas ground

Of blood, bone and flesh.

The women left without a sound

And the Goddess, broken, wept.

"He was not faithful,"

The demon spoke from behind.

"Your suspicions were true. I knew from

"The start but as your friend kept that

"Pain from you. His lovers were many,

"And by his scent all I found and told

"of his treachery. You, dearest Goddess,

"Deserve so much better. Grant me your

"Love, and our union will be the envy

"of all others."

"Leave me, monster!" the Goddess screamed. "You are no friend of mine

"To twist their lives and kill with such

"Fervor. Never seek me further!"

Stung and wounded, his head hung low, Stoic.

"I am Gremnîr, yours now and always."

The Demon vanished.

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