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Gremnîr offers lessons in cello (all levels), guitar (beginning), music theory and songwriting/composition (all levels) for students age 8 years and older.

Lessons are given at a fun and relaxed pace via Skype and FaceTime, and In person at Gremnir's studio at Los Gatos School of Music.

Cello (all levels)

beginning and intermediate students meet weekly, using a combination of Suzuki method text and duets until completion of volume 4, with fundamentals of technique, performance etiquette, music theory and history. After which, repertoire shifts to duets and concertos, basics of music and performance analysis, and any pieces or songs the student wishes to learn. Advanced students have most liberty as to what kinds of music and technical/artistic/performance goals they wish to pursue.

Songwriting and Composition (all levels)

Weekly songwriting and composition lessons help music makers develop and hone their artistic voices. Students present their work (sheet music, lyrics + chord charts, recordings) and are provided feedback to take their music to mature and thought-out levels while maintaining artistic identity and integrity. Composition takes a more (western) theory-based approach in learning patterns of music-making techniques over the course of history in Europe.

If requested, students can also opt to have a portion of their lesson dedicated to learning music business and start building a musician's career.

Guitar (Beginner)

Students learn the basics of guitar playing on a technical and performance level, reading TAB, etiquette, and chords to start playing songs they wish to learn. Students are also encouraged to start making their own simple chord progressions and songs if they have not already. 


30 min/45 min/1hr - $45/$60/$70

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