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Hi there, friend. I hope you had a pleasant and healthy holiday season, whatever you celebrated, whether you were with loved ones or on your own. Mine was quiet and thankfully drama-free, for the most part.

Many years ago I would without hesitation post my thoughts on Facebook, which at the time (~2010) was the place to post for silly high-school-me. Facebook was a newer place back then to compete against your friends and classmates for 'who had a better life.' A few scattered gems had some semblance of brevity and wit but most of it, goodness, was so self-centered and stupid. So it goes for most things people share at that age.

Even as a college undergrad it didn't get much better. In the neoclassical world there are few things as annoying as a young composer who suddenly realizes (through peers or their mentors) that they write half-decent music. Or, at least they believe they do. We could be a wee obnoxious about how amazing we thought our music was. Some folks came up with more subtle ways to hype up their pieces, one of which titled their song in Irish, which from a historical perspective of using a near-dead language is pretty neat. What wasn't as neat in my opinion was the translation of the phrase, which came out to "Awesome Group." Well, hindsight is 2014.

Not 2020. That was one among a series of at least 6 terrible years, but I digress.

And nobody wants to know about glorious middle school days on MySpace. I can practically hear anyone under age 18 reading this thinking, "Damn, this guy's ancient." To the curious: both of my accounts there were deleted long ago, so you can thank me for saving the hours of research that may have taken you to try and find embarrassing quotes from me and emerge empty-handed.

Right now I am especially terrible at posting regularly, and there are a handful of reasons for it.

In short, I am spread the thinnest I've been in quite a while. Between teaching remotely, working retail and going to school in the morning I have very little time for anything other than eating in the day. Only around midnight do I feel like I can attempt to try to sleep, but thankfully these days being this busy makes me physically and mentally exhausted so sleep comes easier. As someone who's been an insomniac for most of his life it's nice to be reminded of what close-to-immediate rest feels like.

Still, with the 'me' time I have on the weekend the only thing I want to do is relax. So posting to social media has been slow so I can recharge. That said I've been advised that setting a day in a month to record all my TikTok material would be immensely beneficial so I only have to worry about it that one day. The rest of the month can be used to plan those posts out. As a 60-40 introvert-extrovert balance I never want to come across as annoying with self-promotion. That said I know that the people who engage with us the most there aren't annoyed by what we post, but instead are eager to see what's on our minds!

Recording has also taken a back seat lately because my audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2) has taken a permanent nap and needs to be replaced. By the looks of things I'll need to replace my speakers soon, too.

As always, thank you kindly for reading. Wishing you good health in the weeks and months to come


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