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Turning A New Page

In more ways than one!

Welcome! Here we are. Blogging is a very new thing for me and for now I'm thinking that one or two posts a month will be enough to keep any readers entertained on my thoughts. I hope these mind-gazes are as entertaining for you as it is for me to write about myself!

Since about midway through the pandemic I've felt compelled to start taking the music business more seriously, having been heavily reliant on teaching music privately since as far back as I can remember. As much as I love teaching I miss performing regularly, and after recording Broken entirely from my home I want to have a more involved career in remote recording. I also believe that some of the music in my catalog can be used for sync licensing, which I've been learning a lot about in recent months in tandem with marketing.

On that topic I've finally made a TikTok , which I've yet to post anything on but am recording a couple of silly things. Also made some changes to my branding, which with some professional guidance has been somewhat inconsistent on my social platforms. Having "Demon Bard" in my name made me feel gimmicky so it's been truncated to simply "Gremnîr." Feels a lot better that way. TikTok may help reach new ears since a lot of people my age and younger are using it to promote themselves. Personally I do not like the sensationalism that cultivates in social media spheres, but these days it's a necessity to have an online platform. What's key is to not lose ourselves in it. That's how narcissists come about and do all kinds of damage. I will talk about my personal experiences on that in detail in a future post.

On a completely different note, Gremnîr logo unisex t-shirts will be available for purchase on my Bandcamp page in about a week. I'm really proud of how they look and feel, they're super comfortable! Also working on a new version of one of my old pieces. It will likely be finished recording in a couple of months.

Thanks for stopping by. Skál and good health to you all!


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Isle of Stipe
Isle of Stipe
Oct 29, 2021

Mind-gazes... I like that. I'm looking forward to following this part of your journey.

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