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Invoking the name of hunger and its tools to fulfill one's desires.

Grógaldr, stanza 4: 
"Löng er för, 
langir ro farvegar, 
langir ro manna munir, 
ef þat verðr, 
at þú þinn vilja bíðr, 
ok skeikar þá Skuld at sköpum." 

Obsidious, Membross, ok Gremnîrhaitir! 
Gouged Lord, Grey-Eye 
Reacher, Reaver 
Mist of Madness 
Nature's Maw 
Infinite Hunger, Inktide 
Reacher, Reaver 
Teeth in the Darkness! 

Gather, clouds! 
Hither, hither, come, to the meek and bold. 
Hither, hither, come, march and thunder fall. 
Hither, hither, come, to the meek and bold, 
Hither, hither, come, and wyrd remold. 

Obsiíðious, Organ-String, 
In appearance aches from pain, 
Bellowing ballads of burden! 
Membross, Hammer of Hunger 
Master of manifest forms 
Battle-crazed and bloody-faced, 
Born from Gremnîr's storm! 

Gather one, gather all, 
His Galdr reaches deep 
To bowel of Being's gut. 
Voice within, venom-fed, 
In vehemence it growls 
To carnage yet enclosed, 
To cravings kept captive. 

Thus is the name of Hunger: 
Gebo - Giver 
Radio - Traveler 
Ehwaz - Trusted 
Mannaz - Supporter 
Naudhiz - Desired 
Isa - Deceiver 
Radio - Ever searching 


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