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Long Overdue

Hello, my clouds.

Has it really been nearly two years since our last post? So much in my life has been so fast-paced and demanding of time that this is one of many things I’ve forgotten about with upkeep. With so many of us struggling to make ends meet in such an anxiety-inducing sociopolitical climate, blogging has fallen by the wayside.

That said, here are some of the memorable things that have happened for me in that time:

-- Returned to school to learn a new skill set and fortunately landed a fulfilling job with it

— Had a wonderful performance in Sebastopol, CA at Belly and the Beast for their ‘HVMANITY’ show on November 5th, 2022: a belly dancing and music event that had an impressive collection of talent in the music and dance performance worlds. I was a featured musician and got to share an hour of my music with a lovely audience. Photo below

— released three new singles: “SINNSYK”, “Two Wolves”, and “Sandr Ok Snjár” that are part of a new album, “Madr Er Manns Gaman,” tentatively set for release around November 2023. More on that in the next post which will be in the very near future

— On a similar note, working closely with collaborators that will be featured on this Album

— Learning how to better speak Old Norse in studying scholarly writings and videos

— Further exploring my Puerto Rican heritage, specifically the spirituality and mythology of Taíno people

— Tending my garden of friendships and chosen family to keep some sanity, which these days perpetually feels in short supply

There are other non-musical things I’ve been working on, including maintaining mental health. That’ll be a topic in a few weeks when I’ve more coherently put my thoughts together


Stay strong and healthy, my clouds.


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